About Us


Oak & Ribbon is a family run business based in the North West of England.  We have a passion for designing and creating beautiful, functioning and inspiring contemporary oak products.  



We combine the use of traditional methods, with the latest design and manufacturing technologies to create high-quality, fully customisable products.



Oak and Ribbon started with the purchase of a CNC router a few years ago, for a completely different product idea.

Hello, my name is Mark, and I am a time-served Mechanical Engineer who completed a traditional apprenticeship back in the early 1980’s. 

I have always had the interest and passion in making things ever since I was a little lad, building things with Lego and Meccano at home, then metalwork and woodwork at school. With my interests in design and the sciences, I was always drawn to working with metals rather than wood as a career and followed in my brothers footsteps to become an Engineer.

Almost as soon as I completed my apprenticeship, I was promoted into the Design office, and since then my career has always been office based. This has served me well and I became a Chartered Engineer then gained an MBA due to my subsequent interest in how business works.

I have always satisfied my passion in making things by doing everything DIY to our home (mainly using wood), and I even had a few years of making and fitting wardrobes and kitchens at weekends; but that had to finish due to a career move.

Back to here and now, our daughters have all but left our nest and I have some free time to dedicate to designing and making products from wood. After a few years of improving my knowledge and honing my skills of working with Oak and other hardwoods, I now have a range of products that I am proud of which are available on this website.

I decided to make products from Oak as it allows for the fine engraving and has a beautiful grain which is really accentuated once the finishing oil is applied. As an Englishman interested and proud of our history, Oak also holds a special place in our culture, history and hearts.

I do everything from designing and making the products, personalising, sanding, oiling, and packing & shipping (the latter with some help from my wife).